About Us

SeaWaves is a SeaGlass Jewellery Studio and Gallery in Amble, situated at the Amble Harbour Village.

In our Pod you will find the best collection of SeaGlass Jewellery in Northumberland and throughout the entire U.K.

We specialise in rare, unusual and one-off pieces of SeaGlass. Every piece has been found along the North East Coastline, from as far north as the Holy Island of Lindisfarne all the way down to the World Famous SeaGlass beach at Seaham.

Over the last few years SeaGlass has become ever increasingly popular and collectible, especially the rare and unusual colours.

Our SeaGlass is Vintage and at least 150 years old. A rare speciality is ‘End of Day’ SeaGlass which is found only on Seaham beach. We can date the glass as the first Glass Factory opened in 1853 in Seaham and the Cavendish Family owned a total of 7 factories at the height of their success. By the mid 1920’s glass was made by machine and the factories sadly had to close.

The factory workers used to throw the spoils and pieces they couldn’t work with into the sea! They did this at the ‘end of the working day’ or the ‘end of a production line of glass making’ and this is how the now famous term ‘End of Day SeaGlass’ came to be.

It is incredible to think of the workers throwing their spoils into the sea tumbling away ever since, being polished naturally by the waves for so many years.

Here at SeaWaves we use only ‘Jewellery Quality’ SeaGlass - pieces that are rare to find, unique in colour and of a flawless quality.

Today these are collectible treasures which we lovingly and carefully make into beautiful Jewellery using 925 Sterling Silver.

  • Karen

    Karen has been designing and making Jewellery for over 20 years now. She first started jewellery as a career at 21 years old, living and working in Keswick in the Lake District.

    In 2016 she relocated to Amble and the beautiful Northumbrian Coastline, having always wanted to live by the sea. Only 11 days after moving to Amble she was offered her little pod at Amble Harbour Village and the rest as they say, is history!

    Karen loves working with Sterling Silver, SeaGlass and Gemstones and takes all of her inspiration from the beautiful light and stunning beaches of Northumberland. When she’s not at her Jeweller’s bench or working in the pod she loves to be at the beach for lovely walks with her little French Bulldog Olive, SeaGlass hunting and foraging!

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea started working at SeaWaves Jewellery in early summer 2021 as we began opening up once again after the many lockdowns. She has a real passion and vision for jewellery, design and creativity and has been a wonderful addition to the SeaWaves team!

    Chelsea started Silversmithing in Spring of 2022 and is eager to learn and develop all her skills and creativity for both her own future and helping SeaWaves to continue to grow. She has worked tirelessly through the winter on our brand new E-Commerce web shop! We are so excited for the launch and Chelsea also takes our wonderful photographs of all the jewellery.

    When she’s not at work in the pod or scrambling on the harbour pier to get the best shot of a SeaGlass necklace, she enjoys getting out for a walk on the beach with a hot chocolate to warm up afterwards and has the biggest collection of books you’ve ever seen!